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You’ve waited all year for this. The ache in your heart and twitching of your trigger finger, you need to satisfy the itch! It’s September and early goose season in Minnesota is in full swing. The crisp morning air, and the harvesting crops means, it's your time. The huge canadas are migrating south and our guides know the key to success. These geese will be bowed up, while you are hunkered down in the layout, and finally you hear the guide say, Kill’em!!!  It’s the much awaited moment to knock the dust off that barrel and drop some birds.

Location, Location, Location....Hunt the infamous Big Stone Refuge in Western Minnesota.

We goose hunt near the Big Stone National Wildlife Refuge in Ortonville, MN. The refuge was established in 1975 and has over 11,000 acres. The prime objective was to provide optimum nesting cover for ground-nesting waterfowl. 

The majority of our early season goose hunts will take place over the fields. Our hide is composed of Tanglefree Flight Series layout blinds. These blinds are durable and easy to hide. The best part is they are very comfortable, top notch product. If crops are still in the fields, there is a chance we will utilize standing corn or panel blinds. The geese will not be disappointed in out spread with life like full body Dakota Decoys and realistic Tanglefree silhouettes. We have all the equipment to make your hunt as successful and memorable as possible. 

What You Need For Your Goose Hunt

Hunting Licenses

You will need to purchase the following for your hunt.

3 Day Hunt

  • Minnesota Non Resident 72 Hour Small Games License (this includes your MN Waterfowl Stamp)
  • Minnesota HIP Certification
  • Federal Waterfowl Stamp

5 Day Hunt

  • Minnesota Non Resident Hunting License
  • Minnesota Waterfowl stamp
  • Minnesota HIP Certification
  • Federal Waterfowl Stamp

Make sure you get all Four of these. If one is missing and we would get checked by the DNR a ticket will be given. 

Get Your License
Minnesota DNR Goose Hunting License.....

What to bring 

  • Guns with plugs in
  • License printed off and on you during your hunt
  • Ammo: 4-6 boxes per person. (We recommend 3” 2, 1 or BB)
  • Sept. Hunts Bug Spray is recommended
  • Face mask, face paint or face net for concealment
  • All your warmest, most waterproof camo or dark clothing and good warm boots!
  • Google Maps on your Phone, (Iphone GPS app will not work with the Pins we send)
  • Waders Sarah will inform you if needed before your hunt
  • Coolers for transportation of the meat home with you. 
  • Bring knives for dressing your birds
  • 2.5 gal Ziploc Bags for your meat (Note one wing must stay attached while transporting)
  • Game Tag and fine tip sharpie marker (each bag needs a tag with the the following information) 
  • Name
  • Phone #
  • Address
  • MN DRN #
  • Date Shot
  • # of birds and Species

What Past Rise-N-Grind Clients Have To Say.....

Rise-N-Grind is very devoted to their clients & they make sure every hunt is a rewarding experience!
I highly recommend them

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