some of the best late season hunts are in central kansas, join us for an incredible waterfowling experience

The crisp morning air, your blood is pumping. The excitement is almost unbearable. You have heard of the spectacular sights, of the swarms of birds by the thousands. It is now your time to climb into the hide and wait for the show to start. You don’t want to miss this! 

Our equipment is top notch! From our blinds to our decoys. We do our very best to get you on birds, and to have the best memories that will last a lifetime. We have some of the BEST Guides in the Midwest you will not be disappointed when booking your trip. 

Kansas averages 2,000,000 waterfowl birds annually, this can be partially due to the large amount of wheat harvested each year, which makes for great food for our migrators. The weather is another great reason why the birds congregate in this region, with average temperatures in December being 42℉ / 25℉. All of these factors combined with our knowledgeable, hard working guides is what makes for a fun and memorable hunt. 

The lodging in Kansas is all fully furnished, and ready for you and your group to call it home for a few days. We currently do not offer meals plans.

Seasons We Hunt

  • Ducks are open from First weekend in December to the last weekend. Then reopen last 10 days of January. 
  • Geese

Daily Duck Limits

  • 6 Ducks ( 5 mallards, no more than 2 hens)
  • 3 wood ducks
  • 2 redheads
  • 2 canvasbacks
  • 1 pintail
  • 1 scaup

Geese Limits

  • 6 Canda Geese (including Brant)
  • Speck
  • Snows

You will need to purchase the following for your hunt.

  • KansasNon Resident Hunting License
  • Kansas Waterfowl certification/stamp
  • Kansas HIP Certification
  • Federal Waterfowl Stamp

What to bring 

  • Guns with plugs in
  • License printed off and on you during your hunt
  • Ammo: 4-6 boxes per person. (We recommend 3” 2, 1 or BB)
  • Sept. Hunts Bug Spray is recommended
  • Face mask, face paint or face net for concealment
  • All your warmest, most waterproof camo or dark clothing and good warm boots!
  • Google Maps on your Phone, (Iphone GPS app will not work with the Pins we send)
  • Waders Sarah will inform you if needed before your hunt
  • Coolers for transportation of the meat home with you. 
  • Bring knives for dressing your birds
  • 2.5 gal Ziploc Bags for your meat (Note one wing must stay attached while transporting)
  • Game Tag and fine tip sharpie marker (each bag needs a tag with the the following information) 
  • Name
  • Phone #
  • Address
  • MN DRN #
  • Date Shot
  • # of birds and Species
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